Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Apple Pie

It's the cold weather, really. Rarely will you find me in the kitchen for industrious purposes. (To consume, yes; to prepare? No.) However, there was an autumnal chill around the edges of the day. Slightly overcast skies, calling to mind impending wool-sweaters, sent me scurrying for the oven. I do love to bake when the mood strikes; the ultimate mood-enhancer being weather. However, today was different. There was a heaviness about ~ a lurking undercurrent of dread. Baking seemed so frivolous, truly anti-climactic, when compared with the tone of my heart.

Restlessness, cynicism, pride, fear, isolation. I wrestled each at one point. Where I landed surprised even me. ~ I settled on apple pie. The quintessential American baked-good. Because, I know that GOD is in control. At all times, in all things.

No political officer can take the place of El Elyon [the Most High God].
No political party can outlast El Olam [the Everlasting God].
No army can conquer El Gibbor [the Mighty God].
No leader nor circumstance will convince me to abandon El Roi [the God who sees me], El Chaiyai [the God of my life], El Yeshuati [the God of my salvation]!

Resting in the sufficiency of El Shaddai [the All-Sufficient God], I recognize that in this country I am able to worship, El Hannora [the Awesome God], as I please. I may sit in the church of my choice. I have the right to speak out against any decision made by any administration, without fear of punishment or retribution. I can purchase a Bible in any town in this country. I can stand on the street corner and read from Scripture aloud. I may call upon the name of my GOD, I may set HIM as a seal upon my heart, as a visible seal upon my arm, without fear. I may introduce myself as a Christ-follower. All because El Hakkadosh [the Holy God] reigns, forever and ever. Amen.

So tonight, my family gathered around a homemade apple pie, gave thanks to YHVH [LORD GOD], and prayed for the well-being of our great nation.

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