Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Through My Eyes

I’ve recently found a blog that I check every day.  Its transparency encourages me.  Its simplicity overwhelms me.  And its truth envelops me.  In the spirit of , I have been asking myself : Where are God’s fingerprints on my day?   What does His love look like through my eyes?

A bouquet from my garden, gathered by my beloved daughter.  Just because.

 Love is a little girl, gathering flowers; so many that her tiny hands can’t hold them all.  Because she yearns for a visible reminder of just how much she loves her uncle, after they’re parted.     

A note, for while he’s away, to remind me daily.

 Love is standing under a web of twinkling orbs, holding my hand and facing my past with me; lending his strength and belief in who I am now, to combat the doubt and fear that I am still the one I was.

The gift of study, sprinkled with beauty.

Love is my editor and teacher.  It stays up late to impart wisdom, and to refine my tongue.  It helps, even when I am too proud to ask for it.

A quiet spot, just for me; to enjoy a cup of tea and Jesus.

Love delights in my presence and calls me out of myself.  It laughs with me, long and loud.  Love opens my eyes to possibilities and dreams with me.   Love requires that I do nothing more than be.


Be still.

Be at rest.

Be what I was created to be.

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  1. This is beautiful. I am so encouraged to see how God shows
    His love to all of us in different ways all the time. Beautiful pictures, I love it!