Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 8: The Line in the Sand

There is no question: my awesome has an enemy.  And this enemy is wise, with eons of knowledge to draw from.  This enemy is strategic, going after only what matters most.  This enemy is tactical, using the most effective weapons against my awesome.  This enemy is subtle and deceptive, impersonating truth and normalcy.  But most importantly, this enemy is:
I am a child of the King of kings, co-heir with Christ, and beloved by God.  Therefore, my awesome’s enemy may not touch me.  Yes, this enemy may use all the means at his disposal (the media, words of loved ones/mentors/pastors, etc…) and this enemy will lie, steal, and masquerade as truth and light to get me to lay down my awesome.  But, I have to agree to it.  I have to allow him to deceive me.  I have to hand over my awesome.  I have to hang my head and say, “you’re right, I am not awesome.”

Today, I am saying, nay screaming, “No More!”  I am picking up my sword and drawing a line in the sand.  I know who I am and by whom I am loved. 
I will not hand over my heritage, my awesome, anymore.  I will no longer cower under the barrage of twisted truths, portrayed in the media.  I will no longer chain myself to warped ideals, erroneously espoused by those who should know better, but don’t.  I will no more agree with the lies about me or my awesome, on the lips from whom it hurts most.  I do not care whence they stem or whither they lead. 
I take this stand, on behalf of my awesome, on the Rock who calls Himself Truth.  I stand under His banner, beloved and cherished.  Warrior daughter, ready to battle for my awesome, my birthright.  But this is a fight that has already been won.  Kneeling at the feet of Christ, I claim victory over this enemy, in His name.        
And that, is awesome!

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