Friday, January 6, 2012

Ears to hear

It all comes down to this:
Who are you listening to?
Your Awesome is inherent.  It’s an heirloom, a birthright;  in your DNA, it is your identity.  Regardless of your religious/political/ideological standpoint, God created you.   He fashioned you to be beautiful.  He puts great stock in you.  You are delighted in, loved.  By the Architect of the universe.  The Author of time.  The Developer of joy; the Painter of beauty.  By Love itself. 
When you don’t feel awesome, when you have long forgotten what your awesome feels like, or you aren’t even certain if you ever had it, the question remains: to whom are you listening?
Because anything or anyone that tells you otherwise, is lying.  Pants-on-fire lying.  To believe that you are anything other than completely and fully Awesome, is to be deceived.   And you, my dear, are entirely too smart to be deceived.   
Which means that to end the deception, you must bathe yourself in Truth.  Compare the lies, from the media, from loved ones, from your own head, to God’s Word.  Hold a Christ-mirror up to your face and see if you can find ugly, or stupid, or fat, or nagging, or bossy, or mousy, or too emotional, too needy, too much/not enough therein.  Viewing yourself through the lens of Christ’s atonement, you won’t find anything but your Awesome there.  You.  The way you were designed.  The you, you were meant to be.    

Remember who you are.  Resolve to abandon the grave of lies, to flee the desolation of deception.  Purpose to walk in Truth, in the light of God’s love. 
And when you do this, you become a champion to the depraved, hope to the lost, warrior for the oppressed, and hero to the captive.  And your Awesome will shine with the radiance of a million stars.

And that, dear one, is purely Awesome.    


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