Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Silence that Can't Go Away

Make Kony Famous, 2012

It’s all over Twitter, and facebook, and the news.  And, frankly, I’m crazy disappointed that: that’s what it took for me to become aware of it.  But it’s exactly what I’ve been praying to be made aware of: people without a voice.  Forgotten people.   People who wonder if God hears them. 

And then, tonight, this video was everywhere

 It’s everywhere because it should be.  It’s everywhere because we need to think about this.  We need to see it.  To personalize it.  To stop yammering on about idiotic comments from shock-radio jockeys and start thinking about the global community.  Start saving lives.  Start writing or calling or texting or tweeting our Congress-person, not because it’s unfair that some people in our country make a whole lot more than others, but because children are being stolen from their beds while they sleep and then forced to do things we can’t even put into our movies.
We need to do something. 

Yes, this is a reactionary post.  Yes, I’m a comfortable, white, suburban, American mom; and all that those categories imply.  Yes, I can’t wrap my mind around this topic. 

Can’t wrap my mind around it.
I don’t care about the critics to this video.  I don’t care if it’s too shocking, or too slanted, or too let’s-take-all-our-money-and-give-it-to-the-needy-so-it-makes-us-feel-better-about-ourselves.  Because even if this video helps ONE CHILD, then it’s worth it. 

Really, I have to ask the naysayers and politicians and critical rhetoricians: how many kidnapped kids are too many?  1?  6?  600?  6,000?  66,000?  6 million?  How many children forced to be soldiers is enough to require action?  Or sex slaves?  Or parent killers?
Or, to frame it a little more personally:
        How many nights is too many to keep watch, ensuring that your child won’t be stolen from you while you sleep?

For all the “problems” in America, I have never, NOT ONCE, sat up at night worrying about my children being taken from me.  To be made into a soldier or a prostitute, who would then be forced to execute me.
I’ll be honest: I hate politics.

 Mostly because I’m jaded and sincerely doubt that there’s much out there that resembles truth.  I’m the cynic that thinks one person, or one small movement, is too little to make lasting and real change in the world.  The one-person-at-a-time approach I totally buy into, and completely agree with.  I also stand behind the fact that One Man did change the world for the ultimate better.  Forever.    
But with those two caveats, I lean towards avoidance.  Oh, I vote!  And every chance I get; because it’s not a “right” but a privilege, given to me which I intend to use to make my voice “heard.”  At least once every few years.  But otherwise, I’d rather not talk politics.  Or hear about them.  Or read about them.  Or think about the people involved in them. 

Not because I’m too weak minded.  Or that I don’t think the issues aren’t important.  But because I find incessant rhetoric of comfortable Americans getting exercised about their idea of what’s important, off-putting.  To a nauseating degree.              

-----But, I digress. 

Tomorrow morning, I’m getting up and e-mailing my Senator and Representative.  And then I’m going to shoot them a hard copy through the mail.  And I think I’m going to save that original e-mail and keep sending it, every day, until Kony is arrested.  I might get sent to the junk mail folder.  I might be dismissed as a loon.  I might be sworn at as a serious irritant.  Whatever the outcome, because I am now aware of it,

                I will not be silent.   

Fellow Coloradans, here is the e-contact information for your senators and representatives.  Do something for these kids.  Use your voice on their behalf.  Today. 

(202) 224-5852
Udall, Mark - (D - CO)

(202) 224-5941

Ed Perlmutter, Washington D.C. Office
1221 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515


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