Friday, April 20, 2012

The Wall Flower, Set Free

Yeah, I know.  I said I was falling off the face of the earth. 

And I am.  Or I will.  In just a moment; because a girl’s gotta come up for air sometimes; if only to remember why she’s holding her breath in the first place.
First, I have to admit something.  I’m slowing realizing that when I voice my opinion that doesn’t make me divisive.  I used to think that; that I had to go along, keep my mouth shut, and smile while rolling with the punches.  Because that’s what good, cooperative, submissive, quiet-spirited, humble Christian women do.  But, now, I know that my opinion (first grounded in the Truth of Scripture, then tempered with winsome grace, and finally hemmed in with Love, presented in the spirit of unity), might just be what’s required of me in that moment. 

The whole, for a time such a this idea.

A beautiful woman I’ve had the pleasure of being mentored by [in the days when our schedules gelled better], and whom I subsequently follow on all the appropriate social media outlets, wrote the following guest post for in.a.mirror.dimly, entitled, “Well-Behaved Women Won’t Change the Church.”  And like so much that Kathy Escobar does, it’s a work of art; a salve to my spirit and a respite for the creeping weariness.  Read it.  It’s honest, it’s encouraging, it’s my gentle push outside of my comfort zone.  Because, like Kathy, I can play the good-girl very well. 

Or, at least I could…a lifetime ago.

But now, I see that the suffocating silence hurt.  And while I’m bound to fail [as we all are, while clothed in this dying flesh], I am permitted, even called, to do it anyway.  My piece to is do what I am led.  And when I fail, own up to it and ask forgiveness; make amends when possible, and help rebuild or restore if I’m allowed.  But I have to start with doing. 

If you’d like to read more of Kathy’s posts, she blogs here.  She’s a wife, mom of five, co-pastor at the Refuge in Broomfield, and a great lady to take a walk around a lake with.  And she’s helping me find my voice and expand my joy, for the glory of God.

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