Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My word for 2013

I have read a bit about the One Word project among the blogging community.  It is a vehicle whereby one forgoes resolutions, but settles instead on one, pivotal word.  A focal word around which an individual will engage his or her life.  A reminder of what is important, what is worthy, even what is absent or shallow in the spirit during this season of life.  Though, we must not read the words, “shallow” or “absent” and assume a lacking of character; for each one of us has areas within our souls that need more tending than others.  None of us have yet arrived.  To that end, those of the One Word community have endeavored to discipline themselves toward their chosen word, their focus for this year.       

I chose a word for myself last year; one I felt was anemic in my life at the outset of 2012:

And through all that came last year, I discovered the many-facetted beauty of joy.  Even in the hard times.  These delicate lessons carved tracks upon my soul; some worn down with rivers of tears, others pressed into me with great toil.  And still others, perhaps the shiniest ones, touched my skin with butterfly wings, yet left eons-old impression upon my heart.   I can look back and see my word embossed on this spent time.  I am delighted in my deeper understanding and experience of joy.  All it took was choosing the right word to focus on for the year.

Thus I knew I would participate in the oneword365 for 2013.  And coming off of this season of waiting, followed with stagnancy, I needed living water.  I needed life and movement and direction.  I needed to have eyes opened to possibility, to hope, to the wondrous things wrought in the name of the Lord.  I needed to reclaim the wide-open space in my soul where lives my call, my purpose.

~Purposeful ~

*       Having or showing determination or resolve

*       Having a useful purpose

*       intentional

I yearn, in 2013, to be filled anew with purpose.  In every facet of my life, I will be purpose-full.


                in my faith.


                in my marriage.


                in my parenting.


                in my friendships and relationships.


                in my learning,

                in my writing,

                in my loving,

                in my resting.

Purposeful, that though my time on this earth is but a breath, I will have strived to use for the best and greatest good, and for the benefit of my fellow sojourners and ultimately, my beloved Savior King.   

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