Sunday, February 2, 2014

In search of peace

There have been recent, private events transpire that have caused me, once again, to realize that I am captive to too much of this world.  And none of it is satisfying.  None of it is life giving.  None of it is lasting. 

Rather, all that distracts me is draining, destructive, or wasteful.  It can be at once numbing and infuriating.  It draws me away from all that is good, only to suck me under and hold me there until I can no longer see the way up.

Thus, for the next two weeks (at least):

I am unplugging screens.  No t.v., no Netflix or Hulu or Amazon.  No movies or series or episodes.  Not even Kindles.

Instead, I will read scripture and pray and create and play games and talk to my kids.  And read books.  And be silly and laugh and do science or make music and find beauty.    

I am unhooking the internet.  No Pinterest or Twitter or Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat or Spotify.  Not even blogging. 

Instead, I will journal and pray and walk outside, breathing deeply the crisp winter air and watching the snow on the pines.  And I will write letters and call old friends and be in the moment.   

I am purging sugar from the house.  No cakes or cookies or candies or hot chocolates or cereals that make Halloween envious. 

Instead, we will eat fruits, drink herbal teas, and add honey to foods that need sweetening.  
Because our bodies are made for better things than screens and sugar.  Our minds grow stagnant and mushy with this steady diet of processed food and false ideas.  And because I think that we need to relearn how to be with each other.  And we need to silence messages that are harmful and counter-scriptural.  We need to pull our eyes and hearts and minds away from what this world keeps screaming is so important, and look instead for the face of the One who truly is. 

Until then, dear one, go in peace.  

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