Healing & Abortion

Hi, reader.  I’m Jen and I’m post-abortive. 

I know this introduction may feel a bit like a recovery meeting, but I know that there is power in just saying those words.  In fact, I’ll keep saying them, and introducing myself in this way, until it’s okay to be open about it in church – or until abortion doesn’t exist anymore. 

I’ve written numerous times on the topic of abortion recovery, how the church can respond to abortion, and abortion itself.  I’d love to have you join the conversation.  The links below will take you to the articles I’ve written on this topic. 

But you can always contact me personally:

@jenKbaros on Twitter |or| |or|  on Facebook: Jennifer (Smith) Baros


Sanctity of Human Life Sunday & Post-Abortive People, questions & answers

                Closing Remarks


 Additional Resources:

If you are someone who has experienced and abortion in you past, please know that you are LOVED.  And you are not alone.  Please know that you can reach out -- there are so many genuine and loving people who want to help you through your pain.  The links below are to ministries that I am personally acquainted with and trust.  Or you can contact me.  I am willing to answer any questions, offer what help I can, and pray with you -- confidentially.  Because you, dearest one, are loved by the Maker of the Stars.  

Surrendering the Secret (Nationally for women and couples)
Rachel's Vineyard (Nationally for women and men, Catholic)
ARIN (Nationally for women, men, and couples)

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