The Women Who Knew Jesus

A six week series of Jesus’ interaction with women in the gospels. 

Just So We’reClear ~ Who Jesus was and is.

Women,Historically ~ The historical framework for our study

My Editor’sJob ~ Why this topic?

An Outsider’sOutsider ~An introduction to the Samaritan woman at the well.

Who She Was…andWho She Wasn’t ~ Examining the scriptural identity of the woman at the well in Samaria

A Phariseeand an Outcast ~ Reading the account of the Samaritan woman in context

TheSisterly Squabble of Do-ers and Be-ers…Or Is It? ~ An introduction to Mary and Martha

ScarringCulture ~ What purpose does a woman sitting at Jesus’ feet serve?

How aServant is to Serve:  A Lesson from Maryand Martha ~ What Martha’s service can teach all believers

AnExorbitant Worship ~ The woman who washed Christ’s feet with perfume and tears

Requiem forthe Messiah ~ The women who followed Jesus to His tomb

Where We Gofrom Here ~  How all of these encounters apply to the church and believers today

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